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Dear members,

The Department of Licensing is holding an important workshop to review rules and consider new testing options that WCRA is encouraging members to attend.

Why is the Department reviewing the rules?
The department is reviewing the rules for effectiveness, clarity, intent and statutory authority. WCRA is also seeking more testing options to bring students into the profession more seamlessly.

When and where will the workshop take place?
It will take place on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at:

Lacey Community Center
Banquet C
6729 Pacific Avenue SE
Lacey, WA 98503 map

Do I have to respond to this notice or attend the workshop?
No. This notice is for your information only. But if you would like to send written comments of support, you can do so.

You can comment at the workshop in person or send your written comments to:

Cameron Dalmas
Court Reporter Program
PO Box 9026
Olympia WA 98507
Email: plssunit@dol.wa.gov
FAX: (360) 664-2550

Sincerely yours,

Wendy Raymond, WCRA President


About Washington Court Reporters Association

The mission of the Washington Court Reporters Association (WCRA) is to promote the profession of court reporting. It is the objective of this professional association to maintain a membership base composed of court reporters, Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), and captioners whose values are consistent with the ethical standards promulgated by the NCRA Code of Professional Ethics. WCRA represents its members in the state legislature on issues impacting court reporting, CART, and captioning.

All members are encouraged to obtain the highest professional certificates available in the state of Washington and nationally. Additionally, WCRA, through its committees, task forces, and Executive Board offers its members conferences and seminars to keep current with state-of-the-art technology affecting the profession of court reporting.

Click here to view the WAC 308-14 document.

President’s Letter

WCRA is coming into March like a lion! With NCRA’s new stance on neutrality concerning equal terms and contracting, we have been hard at work making sure our voices are heard along with many other State Associations. We have submitted a letter to NCRA’s Board of Directors and CEO Marcia Ferranto, which will be presented at their next board meeting on March 11th, 2018, asking for clarification. We also had a phone conference with Marcia Ferranto concerning these issues and how these practices of contracting and gifting can potentially affect the licenses of freelance reporters in Washington state if you work with companies that are contracting.

We have available on the WCRA website tools for you to use to protect your license. We have worked in conjunction with our attorney to provide to members a Certification of CR 28 Compliance affidavit to attach to your transcripts. This will give notice to all parties that you are complying with the rules and requirements put in place by the Department of Licensing, which in turn will help protect your license.

WCRA continues to work in conjunction with Green River Community College and the Department of Licensing to implement more testing to get more reporters licensed in Washington. We look forward to the next stakeholders meeting with the DOL, date to be announced, that will also address equal terms rules and hope to have as many members as possible attend that meeting to have a strong voice.

February 10-17 was Court Reporting and Captioning Week, we had members promoting our profession by attending career fairs and speaking to new students at Green River Community College. If you didn’t have a chance to participate this year, a great way to give back and share your love for our profession is to mentor a student. Jen Pollino is our student liaison and she can help set you up with a student.

Our annual Spring Seminar at Green River Community College will be April 21st. We have a great lineup of speakers for students and professionals alike. We will be awarding some scholarships to some deserving students and conducting our raffle with fun prizes all while earning our CEU’s. It’s an affordable way to get your CEU’s and we hope to see you there.

We are excited to announce our Fall Convention, which is September 28th-30th, will be in Winthrop at Sun Mountain Lodge! It’s a beautiful destination with many outdoor activities available. Plan ahead to attend for a great getaway weekend full of learning, networking and enjoying old and new friends while you earn your CEU’s. Here are some links so you can check it out: https://www.sunmountainlodge.com and http://www.winthropwashington.com.

With this recent neutrality stance of NCRA on contracting it’s been inspiring to see court reporters from across the nation banding together to protect our profession and get our voices heard. Some are traveling across state lines to attend the next board meeting to represent us in person. It’s not always easy being involved in your local association, but it is rewarding. I personally want to thank all our current board members for all the hard work they do that most of us never know about.

Wendy S. Raymond, CCR
President WCRA